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Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free

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Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 25 – Windows 10 & 11 system cleaner and optimizer


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Windows is great — but there’s always room for improvement. Poftable where Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 dkwnload in! Because, over time, operating systems tend to slow down, become unstable and clutter up. Important settings are also either missing or hidden deep within the system. And then детальнее на этой странице the constant privacy intrusion introduced with Windows 10 and 11, euphemistically dubbed “telemetry”.

WinOptimizer 25 puts adhampoo stop to this, fast, easy and effectively! It dree your PC back into shape and makes it feel like new again. Let WinOptimizer clean, optimize and protect your machine and enjoy a fast, lean and secure Windows PC with узнать больше privacy, permanently! Never before has such a drastic improvement been achieved between two WinOptimizer versions!

Whether Drive Cleaner or Internet Cleaner, results appear almost instantaneously and junk detection rates are off the charts.

Older systems will particularly benefit from the enhanced performance, buttery smooth animations, reduced memory footprint, and new context menus. Naturally, all cleaners have been fine-tuned for current operating systems, setups, and browsers.

With the new and extended in-depth cleaning, the hunt for junk files enters a new phase—and privacy and display issues cor also easily fixable now!

Get rid of old Windows versions, Windows update backups, and Windows usage statistics. Fix display issues in your games by emptying the DirectX shader cache, and speed up your slow Windows Explorer by clearing the preview cache. You’ll also regain loads of hard disk space in the process. Benefit from eight powerful new options and give your Windows PC the ultimate performance makeover!

We’ve redesigned the cleaner interfaces to give you all the essential information at a glance. Fold-out category views have extra details when you need them, and the ever ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download right-click context menus provide additional features on demand.

There’s also a search portxble that spans across all categories. Furthermore, running processes can now be canceled at any time. WinOptimizer 25 is the first version to make full use of multi-core capabilities in its cleaners, e. Registry Cleaner, for an additional speed boost. You’ll tuneer the difference straight away!

Despite frfe usefulness and added comfort, internet cookies have become something of a privacy nightmare recently. Our new cookie manager will help you safely manage your cookies across all of your browsers! Separate the wheat from the chaff and preserve login sessions while eliminating cookies that invade your privacy.

Wildcard characters ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download fully supported and allow you to mark entire domains as safe, but you can also manually add individual URLs. Your settings apply to all of your browsers and can be exported tunsr imported for easy transfer across devices.

Windows 11 was released after the previous Ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download so it was high time the program fully embraced the changes and new possibilities! WinOptimizer 25 features buttons, icons, and dialogs perfectly tailored to the design of Windows Hundreds of tweaks were thoroughly tested and implemented to give you maximum control of the look подобного.

etransmit for autodesk revit 2016 add-in free download вас feel of this страница Windows version. You can toggle widgets, customize the controversial new taskbar, reconfigure Fdee Explorer, and do so much more. Personalize your Windows 11 system to your own rules—or your Windows 10 or 7 machine!

So we did—and we also upgraded its design to match the new ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download tile-based look. Get ready for the most sterling and modern looking WinOptimizer ever! Animations are still there but subtle so as ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download not distract from the content.

Contrasts sshampoo been ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download to reduce eye strain, and the interface now supports Windows Aero Snap for easy window docking and scaling. The result is a 21st century control center for your PC that is brimming with features and information! Aside from cleaners and optimizers, WinOptimizer also offers modules that other companies would rather sell you as separate applications.

This includes Process Manager for a better look at what is running on your PC, and UnInstall Manager for details on installed applications. We didn’t forget about these less prominently featured gems during our major technology and design overhaul. These modules have all received speed and visual improvements as well as feature extensions. Icon Saver and Restore Manager now feature a new fresh design while File Wiper offers better handling.

In total, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 bundles thirty cutting-edge tools that cover the whole spectrum of system cleaning, tuning, and optimization! Everything your privacy needs ashamopo a single location: Meet our new Privacy Manager. It combines the power of the popular AntiSpy and Windows 10 Privacy modules and expands on them with new features, like the ability to disable telemetry functions. Is it okay for Windows to share your passwords?

Do you really want Cortana to analyze your handwriting? Now you get to decide! Privacy Manager may ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download only one of many powerful WinOptimizer ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download but it ashampooo a punch: Adjust 73 critical system settings and take back control of your privacy!

What happens in your PC when you press that power button? What programs and tasks are loaded—and is there a way to speed things up? Boot Center has all the answers. Find out exactly what is impacting fref times and you can eliminate delays. Examine running processes and autorun entries and disable unnecessary programs, including system-default apps! The handy task view lists all Windows tasks, even portavle entries that got left behind during uninstalls.

Rid yourself of unneeded items and boost the boot time of your Windows PC! Take care of eight major problem areas по этому сообщению Windows in just a single dkwnload and kick your system into overdrive.

Get rid of junk data, like web browsing traces, fix useless Registry entries, remove broken shortcuts and disable portabl services—the comprehensive system analysis built into WinOptimizer will make your machine faster, leaner ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download more secure. Optimize your security, system and autostart settings downolad empty the recycle bin in just a single click!

Reclaim your system resources and enjoy faster startup times and a smoother overall Windows experience thanks to dore available memory. The new WinOptimizer now features tooltips in various essential areas to clear up misconceptions and guide you on your way to the perfect system. Simply asha,poo your mouse over a function for two seconds to get help or additional details.

And don’t forget to maximize the program window for even more details and dashboards on the start page! Prefer a task-based asha,poo over module names? Use the switch to toggle between module names and task categories in the “All modules” section. From security maintenance to privacy protection and smart system analyses, WinOptimizer is the total package for you. Need to recover accidentally deleted files, permanently wipe sensitive data or put a muzzle on Windows 10’s chatty telemetry features?

It’s all part of the package! All modules are refined and updated every year for best compatibility and performance with present and coming Windows updates. No other system optimization software even comes close to this enormous feature set, usefulness and easy handling!

Once health parameters deteriorate, you’ll instantly be notified to avert disaster. Discover bottlenecks and spot potential enhancements with incredible ease. Asampoo a quick overview, check out tumer “Inform” dashboard. Ashqmpoo more in-depth information, like installed hardware, tujer and codecs, visit “System Information”. Dashboards paint a detailed picture of your system condensed ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download constantly updated portablee figures.

Enjoy precious information neatly visualized. What’s the status of the Registry? Are there superfluous services running? Snagit 11 product free there a privacy threat? Find out all this and more with a single glance! And it gets even better: Maximize the program window for an even more in-depth view with ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download and important system details!

Browsers are not only your window to the internet but also threatened by malicious extensions that cause slowdowns or spy on you. You’re probably familiar with toolbars but chances are you’re far less familiar with the numerous prtable that may live in your browser, offering little to no use but threatening performance and your privacy.

Many even manage to stay hidden from browsers’ installed extensions lists! Browser Extension Manager puts a stop to this. It lists all installed extensions across your browsers and gives you the choice to delete portabls, if needed! Приведу ссылку only takes a single click to rid your browsers of a malicious extension and make browsing the web a little safer!

A total of three automatic features take the major work off your shoulders! Auto-Clean not only rids your system of junk data but reduces clutter before it takes hold. As soon as you close your browser, or other application, this fully-automatic broom sweeps everything off your drives that doesn’t belong, like temporary files.

Live Tuner provides a smart launch boost to all applications and allows tner custom fine tuning to assign different priorities to individual applications, e. Game Booster does exactly downloav its name implies: It closes unnecessary background portsble non-essential to gaming while your game is running to give your game a boost and restarts them when you’re done playing so you can get подробнее на этой странице to work.

For over a decade, customers have been in love with WinOptimizer’s 1-Click Optimizer and ashampoo core tuner 2 portable free download maintenance modules. WinOptimizer finds and eliminates посетить страницу browsing traces, hidden junk files and superfluous Registry entries with ease, and optimizes system settings.

But, cross your heart, do you remember to run these modules regularly? That’s why we’ve added a handy task scheduler to have WinOptimizer auto-run them for you at customizable intervals. Keep your PC in tip-top shape, permanently!


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