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GPS Device BUS4 (G-Star IV) – USB GPS (BU-353) Driver

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Gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10

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GPS drivers for Window I’ve tried loading the diriver with with “signed drivers” disabled, a method I’ve used successfully to load drives for other bit of hardware, but I can’t seem to find anything which works on Windows 10 for the BU Has anyone any idea if there a windows 10 driver for the earlier version of the BU, or know a way to get he original driver to work? That solved the problem albeit for a different GPS Dongle as it was using a common chip. Joined 12 Jun Messages 12, As tillergirl says, you will probably have to find a copy of the Prolific driver dating back to Windows 7 and install that.

The Prolific chip was blatantly copied by lots of far east manufacturers and a high proportion of devices sold as having the Prolific chipset really didn’t. Starting with Windows 8, the manufacturers of the real Prolific chips tightened up the code in their drivers to the point where they no longer work with the majority of the rip-off chips – hence the need to find a copy of the earlier drivers.

One would hope that a BU would have a genuine Prolific chipset. Try searching for Windows 8 drivers if none for Windows Bodach na mara Well-known member. I was caught by the reference to drivers and Windows I also have one of these GPS “mice” and it worked perfectly on Win 8. I do remember that I had to go through a procedure for locating the port that the device was located on and remember that it depended on which USB socket it was in.

As a lot of such procedures have been changed in Win 10, I wonder whether I will be able to find the port again. On a separate issue but still related to drivers, I had a problem connecting the Windows 8. Following advice from another forum, I installed the 7 driver and managed to get it to print, but not very well.

When the 10 upgrade happened, the printing improved. For a while. Then two weeks ago the machine told me it was updating. Since then lots of things have gone pear-shaped. Menus are not where they used to be and when I try to print PDF files there is a quick flash of the print menu box then nothing happens.

I can print. However today the printer would not work on my XP machine and the toolbox says it need a new print head, so a new printer that works on 10 is probably the answer.

In saying all this I do not mean to hijack the thread, but to point out that updates may be clobbering stuff you already use. Oldhairy New member. Surely one of the many pleasures of a Windows 10 upgrade is that stuff don’t work. Model No BUS4. Last edited: 26 Jul Eeyore Member. I had similar problem with Windows 8. I too now have Windows 10 and have not tried the BU again as I now get the info needed from my Vesper AIS Maybe of some use to you, perhaps if you juggle the settings?

You can use the Win7 drivers in Win10 if you need to. Just Google it Sometimes this will work, but normally Windows 8 drivers are required. I simply use the u-centre software with map view enabled to see what satelites are providing the fix, check which port the dongle is using and the baud rate which defaults to Instead of trying to get an old dongle to work I recommend buying a new one. Last edited: 27 Jul The corded one gives me faster satelite acquisition and a stable fix.

It may be because my Glonass dongle is older and the latest ones may have updated firmware. The u-centre software has a facility to do a firmware update, though I have not yet tried it. It may be because my Glonass dongle is older Last edited: 28 Jul Robin Well-known member. Joined 30 May Messages 17, Location back home where democracy needs no guns. THere were new drivers issued for the BU but I could not get them to work back then either.

Sorry for the late update, I’ve away sailing on the West Coast of Scotland with little or no internet access or mobile phone for that matter. So the immediate problem has gone away, but I’m annoyed that a perfectly good GPS mouse won’t work with Windows I’ve tried installing various drivers using the unsigned driver procedure, but as yet haven’t found anything that works.

Hydrozoan Well-known member. Joined 11 Apr Messages 8, Robin said:. You must log in or register to reply here.



BUS4 – GlobalSat WorldCom Corp.


Merci pour votre aide. Avec mes remerciements. A mon читать, W 10 n’est qu’un habillage habile de 8. Beaucoup de продолжить sjouets fonctionnent sur 8 et pas sur Essais infructueux pour charger un driver Ad Hoc. Bonjour, oui, j’avais lu cette possibilte,mais je n’y suis pas arrive. J’ai egalement un downloadd d’ antenne TPlink qui est egalement reste recalcitrant a mes modestes et tenaces efforts.

Je gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10 quand meme acheter un s4 comme back up,ayant encore la deuxieme moitie du tour devant moi. W10 coute une fortune en mises a jour,quand on achete ,comme ici et ailleurs ,un quota. Pas loin de 20 euros pour gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10. Erreur de votre part. Le bu fonctionne sous W Mais, effectivement, il y a un truc. Voyez les diverses explications dans le tutoriel shoreline en suivant le lien ci dessus par exemple.

Non absolument pas. Maintenant elle marche! Faire aussi attention certains nouveau pc comme le mien par exemple n’ont gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10 toutes les prises usb “otg ” ce qui fait que les phrases nmea ne passent pas. Donc voir le gp du pc. Merci Moanao. Comment faire fonctionner le s-4 sur Window10? Tous parametres deja verifies. Merci pour toute reponse.

Je l’ai achete sur ссылка. Bon courage. Vous utilisez encore la version 3. Bonjour, Il y a toujours autant de post sur le sujet du fonctionnement de la vieille antenne GPS Bu Pas besoin d’acheter la nouvelle antenne BU -S4. Voir ci-joint Bon downpoad matelots!

C’est un BUS4 reconnu tout de suite sans cd Excellente pioche. La puce est un gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10 8. Un plus, un перейти на источник logiciel de visualisation www. A ma connaissance le seul risque de perdre le contenu d’un disque est que celui ci expire. Si vous voulez, je peux vous envoyer par e-mail perso ce petit bout de programme que j’ai eu l’occasion d’utiliser sur XP, W7 et W Il fait посетить страницу. Bonjour, drivsr n’ai jamais reussi pendant mon tdm a faire finctionner mon gps BU w7 sur w10, via open cpn, plusieurs version et malgre moult moel.

Donc achat d’un nouveau BUS4 a Downliad, et ca a marche couci couca, souvent en insistant et windoss attendant. Et bien ca a fonctionne tres bien, et sans CD driver si je me souviens. Pour ceuxsurement rares,dont l’origine a une importance, le BU S4 vient de Taiwan, l’autrele moins cher, BS, de Chine dite populaire. Je crois que ma BU va finir en backup sur une veille machine.

Alors pour le Gos fait un essais avec une autre souri GPS. Bonjour Juliusse Downlload suis sur une installation “fixe”. Dans quel univers souhaitez vous ajouter votre Question ou votre Discussion? Sujet comportant une petite annonce. Fil ou message doublon. Message contenant un propos diffamant. Message contenant un propos insultant. Annuler Envoyer. Ca d’Oro 08 nov. PSLB 08 nov.

A essayer: MOBY sketchup 2016 license key juin Gilletarom 08 nov. Beaucoup de me sjouets fo Voir la fin du fil, il y a une soluce qui marc Bonjour, oui, j’avais lu cette po Oliviert Erreur de votre основываясь на этих данных. Le bu f Gilletarom 05 oct.

En utilisant un driver plus ancien que midel in PSLB 09 nov. Merci pour ces retours qui confirment ce que no Gilletarom 09 nov. La plupart des pilotes fonctionnent sous W10, i C’est en effet un processus qui marche, mais je PSLB 11 nov. Moanao 05 gpss. PSLB 02 mai Inscrit sur le dess Gugg 29 mar. Gugg : Question totalement hors sujet. Gilletarom 30 mar.

Gilletarom 02 juil. Gugg 30 mar. Bonjour, Il y a toujours autant de post sur le DonRemy 16 juin Bonjour Cherche et rechercheet enfin trouv Boatallo 13 mar. C’est un BUS4 reconnu tout de suite sans c Boatallo 26 mar. Pytheas54 16 juin Je confirme.

Au premier branchement, dans l Gilletarom 16 juin Le Terrible 17 juil. Gilletarom 17 adobe pdf viewer free for windows 10. Le Terrible 19 juil. DonRemy 19 juil. Now 19 juil. Gugg 19 juil. Gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10 Terrible 21 juil. Le Terrible 22 juil. OK je ne sais pas faire et je ne voudrais pas p A ma connaissance le seul risque de perdre le c Oui je driiver bien gpe je vois mes cheveux bl Le mieux est vraiment d’aller voir ce qui se pa KivoaLai 22 juil.

Windoes je vais faire Le Terrible 22 juil. Bonjour, gps model bu 353 driver download windows 10 n’ai jamais посетить страницу источник penda


Prolific gps bu Drivers Download ().usb gps receiver BU V – Microsoft Community

This download contains the Euronav supplied USB-Serial adapter driver for 32 & 64 bit Windows OS. Requirements: Windows XP, Vista and 7. Unzip utility such as 7. GPS tracker, wearable devices Manufacturer Same procedure you would use on Windows 7 works fine on Windows Report item — opens in a new window or tab. I. ISO images can be bootable and used in Virtual PC. This driver is compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows OS. It is up to date and has been tested on Windows Q.

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